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About VCA Foundation


In May, 1991, the Virginia Counselors Association Board of Directors voted to establish the VCA Foundation. The Foundation's major initial contributor is John C. Cook, a nationally recognized leader in guidance and counseling, who served as the Supervisor of Guidance in the State Department of Education until his retirement in 1981. John Cook was an untiring advocate of the counseling profession in Virginia and has played a pivotal role in creating the Foundation.  In its first year, significant strides were made to solidly establish the VCA Foundation as a noteworthy force for Virginia’s counseling professionals. The Virginia Counselors Association is second only to California in having a state branch of ACA, with its own foundation. Four other professional counselors joined Dr. Cook in establishing the VCA Foundation: Ellen Chewning, Libby Hoffman, D.L. "Pete" Warren, and Gaye Whitlock.

Tax Status

The VCA Foundation is an endowment fund holding a tax status of 501(c)3 not-for-profit with all contributions being 100% tax-deductible. Its primary purpose is to promulgate, promote and foster professional education and development in the field of counseling and to establish, maintain and operate educational programs for the dissemination of information and knowledge relative to counseling. To achieve this goal, the Foundation's principal activities are receiving and investing contributions for financing special programs and projects related to VCA objectives.


The business and affairs of the VCA Foundation are managed and controlled by its Board of Directors.  All directors are elected annually by a majority of the Board at its annual meeting which takes place in June. In addition to this annual meeting, special meetings may be called by the Foundation President. Officers of the Foundation include a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who serve terms three year in length. The Board controls the foundation's funds and has the power to authorize and conduct fund-raising activities. The Board also accepts contributions for specific purposes related to the general goals and objectives of the VCA.

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