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Foundation Activities & Programs

The VCA Foundation has made a number of significant strides and sponsored a variety of activities that have supported Virginia's counseling professionals.  Here is a brief historical overview of the Foundation's important


Foundation Historical and Professional Highlights

1991 The VCA Foundation was founded by 5 VCA Leaders. In its first year, significant strides were made to solidly establish the VCA Foundation as a noteworthy force for Virginia's counseling professionals.
  Sizable contributions were made by several members, including the establishment of The Nancy McCoy Fund was established under the Foundations auspices in memory of the VCA's late secretary.
  VCAF has awarded research grants for materials and other resources up to $500 to professional counselors in support of their leadership and professional development efforts.
  The VCA leadership voted to name the keynote lecture at each annual VCA Convention the John Cook Convention Keynote, which VCAF has sponsored on a regular basis over the years.
1992 VCA Board voted to allot 10 percent of profits from the annual VCA Convention to the Foundation each year.
1998 & 2000 Co-sponsored, with funds from the Virginia Department of Education, nine regional workshops on HIV/AIDS for counselors and nurses working in the school setting.
2001-2006 Annually funded professional development scholarships to provide for two new VCA members to attend the state convention and a second years membership in VCA.
2002 Awarded funding for the VCA Office to initiate web services with Affiniscape, and assisted the counseling community in preparing for the implementation of the Standards of Learning
2003 Sponsored a workshop for Central Valley Counselors Association on Attachment Disorders
2003 Brought further support of leadership in the field of counseling, when the Foundation made contributions so that the state counseling specialist could attend the ASCA convention in St. Louis.
2004 Funded the printing of the VCA Journal and has continued this practice annually.

Sponsored a pre-convention workshop for clinical counselors at the VCA Annual Convention

2007 Assisted VCA in hosting the ACA Southern Region Leadership Conference
2008 Came to a critical decision point, where the existing leaders had to determine the future of the group. Fortunately, for counselors in the Commonwealth, the leaders decided to maintain the Foundation and instill a renewed energy in the vision that Dr. Cook had for the organization at the outset .
2009 A year of re-organization and reflection, with many plans made for the new direction of the Foundation ahead. By-Laws revised, and Foundation Board vacancies filled.
2010 Re-birth of the Foundations contributions to the profession, with another sponsorship of the VCA Journal.
2011 Foundation re-defines its focus itself as the "alumni association for professional counselors in all settings".    Continue to focus on supporting, empowering, and nurturing professional counselors throughout their lifetimes.
  Resumption of the awarding of small grants for proposals which furthered counseling initiatives in the Commonwealth. Grants will be awarded twice annually subject to merit and appropriateness of the submissions. 
2012 Initiates the Student Fellows Competition, designed to identify and support counselor education students in Virginia who aspire to leadership in the counseling profession.
2013 Student Fellows Program named in Honor of Pete Warren, a counselor educator at Lynchburg College, who had a profound influence on many students, and contributed substantially as a leader in the Virginia Counselors Association and the VCA Foundation.
2015 Supports the sponsorship of Scholarships for emerging student leaders' participation in the VCA Leadership Academy.

The Foundation is supported by contributions and donations from VCA members, chapters, divisions, and community patrons.

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