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Student Fellowship Application

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Part I: Personal Information


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To qualify for a VCA Foundation Student Fellowship, the Foundation needs to confirm that the student is in good standing.  By providing the name of your Department Chair and contact information, you are giving permission to the VCA Foundaton to request this information from the department chair of your counseling program.


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Part II: Write a Short Essay. *

In a maximum of 1200 words, please discuss:

-  Your interest and experience in leadership for the counseling profession. 
-  Your future interest in professional counseling in the state of Virginia. 
-  Your academic success in graduate school.
-  Your view on critical ethical values for our profession.
-  Your perspective on multiculturalism and diversity.

Click the Submit button to email your essay in to Dr. Gerard Lawson ( Both parts of this form, personal information and essay, must be received and all items complete in order to be considered.