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As counseling professionals, our focus in our work has been in "giving" to others.  At the same time, we know from our experience that "it is in giving that we receive", as well.  Though VCAF by definition exists to raise money and to serve the counseling profession in Virginia, we also need non-monetary assistance to do our work.

The VCAF Board is regrouping this year, adding a total of 6 Directors and energized to take the Foundation into a more prominent place in the minds of professional counselors. To that end, we not only added new Board members, but a diverse group of people who bring a variety of skills and talents.  Furthermore, we want to include more people in our efforts to spread the word about the Foundation and its goals.

We would like individuals and organizations who want to support VCAF, to offer their skills to contribute to our success.  To achieve that, we offer counselors and community members in Virginia a chance to help in in a variety of ways. Here's are some of the ways you can play a part:

  • Volunteer to serve on our committees.  "Meetings" may only be virtual - by phone, via Skype, by email, etc.  At the moment, we are reviewing our By-Laws and would be receptive to your input if you happen to have previous experience or skill.  Perhaps, you can help us when we sponsor events like our fund raiser.

  • If you have previous experience working inside a foundation, we welcome your expertise and advise. Let us know if you would like to be considered as a VCAF Board member in the future, in an official capacity or as an adviser.

  • To raise funds, VCAF has conducted raffles and silent auctions in the past.  Perhaps, you might have articles you might want to donate to our cause?

  • VCAF would like to create a list of mentors, from the growing ranks of our retired counselors.  We will be giving you more about this in the future.

  • VCAF needs to expand its financial base in order to expand its programs. Do you know someone or some organization who would like to like to help us enhance our financial resources?

  • We welcome your suggestions and ideas about how you would like to serve VCAF.

Send us an email to let us know how you would like to contribute to the VCA Foundation by clicking here.

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